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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

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  • 12:00

    European Council


    114145 European Council backstage: preparations at the Europa building
    106596 European Council backstage: Donald Tusk cutaways
    105810 European Council backstage: press centre build-up
    105811 European Council backstage: meeting area preparations
    105813 European Council backstage: time-lapse
    113958 Common Security and Defence Policy
    116254 Security and fight against terrorism
    113140 Europol
    108245 Frontex headquarters
    109845 Belgian borders
    109181 EU border guard
    100649 EU missions in crisis zones
    100666 Defence technologies UAV drones
    107481 EUNAVFOR Med Operation Sophia
    107482 EUNAVFOR Med Operation Sophia: sea rescue
    113141 EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia: training of Libyan coast guards
    107967 Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries: Iraq
    107966 Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries: Turkey
    108217 Migrant reception and registration centres: Lesbos
    108218 Migrant reception and registration centres: Lampedusa
    116327 Integration of refugees
    109828 Integration programme for refugees in Germany
    109827 German language classes for refugees
    93799 Youth Employment
    103672 Employment
    92956 Equality between women and men
    99220 Erasmus
    104207 European film industry
    92742 Education
    93515 University Education
    93554 Youth Volunteering
    94977 Youth cooperation
    107853 EU Pension

    104301 Maternity

  • 15:00


    EU HR Mogherini meets President of Haiti

    EU HR Mogherini meets Jovenel MOÏSE, President of Haiti